Tui Na

A yellow speech bubble on top of a black background.Tui Na (pronounced “twee nah”) is a therapeutic form of massage and has been used in China for more than 2,000 years. A Tui Na massage may include brushing, kneading, rolling/pressing, and rubbing the areas between each of the joints, to relieve muscle pain, tension and adjust imbalance.

Since this is considered an “external” technique, it is thought to be especially suitable for use on those with more fragile frames, such as the elderly, children and infants.

How long are Tui Na sessions?

Your Tui Na visits last approximately 30 minutes.  We take our time to ensure proper attention to the full scope of your recovery.

What conditions can Tui Na help me with?

Tui Na is one of the most popular therapies for those who are undergoing physical therapy. It is best suited to treat acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions such as:

  • A yellow speech bubble on top of a black background.Spinal Conditions (Herniated disks, Scoliosis, Low Back Pain, lumbago & back spasms)
  • Stiffness & Immobility (TMJ, Frozen Shoulder, Carpal Tunnel & Arthritis)
  • Sprains & Muscle Strains
  • Myofascial pain disorders
  • Muscle spasms & Adhesions
  • Tennis Elbow/Golfer™s Elbow
  • Whiplash, Neck Pain & Stiffness
  • Headaches (tension headaches or migraine headaches)
  • Sports injuries (including martial arts)

For more information about Tui Na, please visit the World Association of Tui-Na website by clicking here.

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  Your acupuncture treatment is included a short Tui Na therapy or Cupping, Gua Sha therapy.A yellow speech bubble on top of a black background.

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