Acupuncture for Enlarged Prostate: A simple treatment using one Acupuncture point

Acupuncture to treat enlarged prostate can be very effective.  An enlarged prostate causes urination problems.  40% of men over age 50 are troubled by this condition, by the age of 70, 90% man are affected.  At early stages, the symptom of an enlarged prostate is frequent urination, especially at night.  Later on, urination becomes difficult; eventually, this can lead to urinary retention and inability to urinate.

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Bl67 location, moxa this point to treat enlarged prostate

There are many acupuncture treatments that can alleviate urination problems with proper diagnosis, especially in combination with Chinese herbal therapy.  Acupuncture and herbal treatment require time and frequent visits because this is the best way for a practitioner to address the root cause of prostate enlargement. However, here is a more simple and direct way to alleviate urination problem.

Moxibustion the acupuncture point BL67, ZhiYin to target an enlarged prostate

Location of BL67: lateral side of little toe, 0.1 from the corner of the nail

Treatment: Patient in sitting position, hold the lighted up moxa stick 1 away from BL67 stimulate bilaterally for fifteen to twenty minutes, twice a day, or until both points turn slight red from the heat.

Case study:  In China, 20 cases of enlarged prostate was treated with bleeding pricking acupuncture point Bl67. All the patients has frequent urination at night and difficulty urination, such as weak urine stream  or inability to completely empty the bladder. After one time treatments everyday, alternating on each side of Bl67 point, 10 time is a course of treatment.  During the treatment, all the other medicination/treatments were stopped. The treatment ran at two courses with 5 day intervals between the courses.

Result: Significant improvement (symptom disappeared, no difficulty urinating, trans-rectal ultrasound showed reduced prostate size) in 18 cases

Comment: In Chinese Medicine diagnosis, Issues related to enlarged prostate are often due to old age.  Kidney qi and kidney yang fire deficient and in term causing bladder not be able transporting and transforming water or middle jiao damp heat lodged in bladder to prohibiting bladder function.   Bl67 is the terminal point (jing well point) for the bladder channel..  When stimulate Jingwell point on bladder channel, it will also effectively treat kidney.  By applying moxibustion, you are warming the channel, promoting energy circulation, and moving the stagnant Qi in the prostate.  Bl67 is a famous point to turns the fetus and facilitates labor.  If it can stimulate the female uterus, it can certainly affect a man™s prostate.