Weight control using Acupuncture points and Herbs

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the holiday season will be here before we know it. We’re all planning to eat our hearts out and gobble down hoards of turkey and pumpkin pie, with little thought of the effect on our bodies. This irresistible pleasure of over consumption can be especially tormenting to those who are struggling with weight issues.  These are a few tips on weight control using acupuncture and herbal medicine.

After dinner, a cup of aged tangerine peel and hawthorn fruit tea can help reduce the feeling of a stuffed stomach due to meat or greasy foods. Studies have shown that hawthorn fruit prevents and treats hypertension, coronary artery disease, and elevated serum cholesterol, while tangerine peels regulate the stomach.

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Dry hawthorn fruit tea for to improve digestion and control weight

Experiencing any symptoms of abdominal distention and pain after meal? Massage the acupuncture point ST40, the connecting point of the stomach channel, located at the frontal lower leg. You may feel some tenderness, especially after the over consumption of grease, spicy foods, or alcohol. This is the body’s warning sign, indicating food blockage and phlegm accumulation.   After pressing and stroking along the ST40 area for several minutes, and you may find relief in any prior stomach discomforts.

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Acupuncture point ST40 for weight control

The day after the big feast is the time to reduce food accumulation in the belly. Some people may experience constipation or belching. The acupuncture point ST25 is a great point to regulate the intestines, remove food stagnation, and loosen blockages.  ST25 is located 2″ lateral to the umbilicus.  Sit upright, lightly hold fists, and gently pound the ST25 points on both side of the belly button. This activates qi and blood to the abdominal area and facilitates transportation and transformation of fat.  Doing this simple exercise regularly is great way to loose weight naturally. The stimulation time should be at least 5 minutes,  two times a day.  A good time is upon waking up and before going to bed. After doing this exercise, the skin of the area should be faintly pink.  The pink color means that qi and blood has been drawn to the area to do its work. This practice can also lead to a calm, restful sleep at night.

Years ago, at the check out line, when I passed the daikon radish to cashier, they often had no idea what this big, white, carrot-like vegetable was called. Nowadays, the cashier always recognizes the daikon radish. Wow, great improvement. This shows that daikon has gained more recognition in the American population. Daikon is a common vegetable in Chinese house holds. In China, it is nick named as ” little Ginseng”.  The daikon radish helps with digestion, clear

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Daikon radish for weight control

phlegm accumulation, qi regulation, and  reduction in food stagnation, cough, heat and swelling in all parts of the body. After meals, blending daikon juice and adding a little honey for taste can greatly reduce fat accumulation in the body and moisten the intestines.  Another popular alternative of eating daikon is cutting it into pieces and cooking it with meat into soup.

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Acupuncture electro stimulation on ST25 on weight control


There are many herbal formulas that can help digest the holiday seasons’s feast.  For example, Bao He Wan, a patterned formula composed of 7 herbs,  promote the digestion function and remove food stagnation. The above mentioned herb and formula can be purchased from local Acupuncturists and herbalists or online.

 Happy holidays, may the weight control be ever in your hands!